Captive Finance Programs

Private label captive financing programs

Win Customer Loyalty with a Private Label Equipment Finance Program

If your company is an equipment manufacturer or reseller that currently offers or plans to extend branded credit to your customers, you may experience challenges like maintaining liquidity, minimizing credit exposure, balancing portfolios and executing portfolio strategies. Not to worry. Scottrade Bank Equipment Finance can provide your firm with viable private label funding solutions that will accomplish your strategic goals.

Scottrade Bank Equipment Finance can fund and service transaction streams from captive sources and value-added resellers, carefully managed with a private label facade that emulates your brand from origination through documentation, operations and servicing.

Under our private label program, we enable you to recognize income streams from equipment lease transactions so that your company can maintain liquidity and minimize credit exposure. These income streams also allow you to balance portfolios and execute portfolio strategies.

We serve both captive and value-added resellers (VARs) by delivering funding solutions for transactions, assignments or acquisitions in most industries.

Captive Equipment Financing Solutions

As an equipment manufacturer or reseller, you know the value of closing sales quickly, maintaining brand loyalty, providing top customer care and securing repeat purchases. If it is not your intent to hold these transactions through maturity, a private label funding program might be the best solution. Consider funding your transactions through Scottrade Bank Equipment Finance. By understanding your strategic objectives, our experts can provide your company with seamless financing tools to meet your bottom-line goals.

Consult with one of our associates by calling toll-free 855.326.9776 or by email to determine which captive financing program best matches your business strategies and the needs of your customers.